Nick Laperriere, Chief Executive Officer w/ Frankie

      Nick Laperriere, Chief Executive Officer w/ Frankie

      We do things a little differently.

      Hint: It’s all in the name.

      Why We’re Different

      We’re operations people—but first and foremost, we’re collaborators.

      This means being proactive without being pushy. If you want to sell your practice without sacrificing the quality of care or the chance to do what you love, we can make that happen. Real support means planning for the long haul—and we’re in it for the long haul.

      Meet The Team

      , Chief Executive Officer

      Nick Laperriere

      Chief Executive Officer

      , Chief Financial Officer

      Jack Walter

      Chief Financial Officer

      , Director of Finance

      Claudia Maranian

      Director of Finance

      , Director of Diligence & Integration

      Heather Bown

      Director of Diligence & Integration

      , Finance Controller

      Eric Yacoubian

      Finance Controller

      Want to work together?

      Partnering with Companion is your opportunity to join a network of best-in-class veterinary hospitals. Apply today and let’s get the ball rolling.

      Jack Walter, Chief Financial Officer w/ Holly


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